EPNS membership fees (also known as subscription fees) are payable each year and cover the period 1 January until 31 December. Each fully paid up member of the EPNS receives access to the  EJPN as part of their membership (printed and online ,or online only access, depending on the fee paid).

The fee paid in 2022 depends on several factors:

  1. The World Bank income category the country in which you practice belongs to. Here is the list of World Bank Classification 4 high income nations World Bank list of high income economies 2021
    • WB4A = Class 4 high income nations on the above list not highlighted
    • WB4B = Class 4 high income nations on the above list highlighted in blue
    • WB123 = countries not Class 4 high income nations, i.e. not on the list above
    • Trainee = trainees from ALL nations regardless of classification
    • GNP = mutual members of the Gesellschaft für Neuropädiatrie (GNP) and the EPN
  2. Whether you would like to opt to receive a printed copy of the Journal (plus online access) or online only access.

Below is a table of the membership (also known as subscription) fees which can be paid in 2022

  • ‘ONLINE ONLY‘ = EPNS membership (subscription) fee for the year/s indicated PLUS online access to the Society Journal (EJPN).
  • ‘PRINTED’ = EPNS membership (subscription) fee for the year/s indicated PLUS 6 printed editions of the Society Journal (EJPN) and online access.
  • Note: ‘year’ = 1 January until 31 December

online only Journal


printed Journal

Category WB4A 150 Euros 210 Euros
Category WB4B 75 Euros 135 Euros
Category WB123 35 Euros 95 Euros
Category Trainee 20 Euros 80 Euros
GNP 130 Euros 210 Euros

For existing members of the EPNS, the correct schedule of fees are automatically applied when the member logins into the EPNS member only section of the EPNS website.

How do I qualify for the trainee annual subscription rate? To qualify for this discount, please send a supporting letter from your tutor confirming that you are a trainee and the date your training is expected to be completed. Your tutor must send a letter of support every 4 years thereafter until the expected completion date of your training has been reached. This will ensure you continue to qualify for the trainee rate. Your supporting letter can be emailed to info@epns.info

How do I qualify for the GNP subscription rate? Email info@epns.info for Gesellschaft für Neuropädiatrie (GNP) membership verification

For more information: epns questions and answers 2022 or send an email to info@epns.info

For more information about EPNS membership fee (also known as subscription fee) payment methods visit: https://www.epns.info/epns-payment-methods/