European Research Meeting in Paediatric Neurology

This meeting is intended to enable researchers in various fields of Paediatric Neurology to meet colleagues in the same field in order to facilitate collaboration, and to foster the building of research networks. The first meeting took place in October 3 – 4, 2008 in Tübingen, Germany in collaboration with the German speaking Paediatric Neurology Society (GNP). This meeting was formerly run as “Wissenschaftliche Statuskonferenz” of the GNP (German-speaking Society of Paediatric Neurology). The general aim of the meeting is to support especially young researchers to meet their colleagues in the field for an exchange in order to facilitate collaboration and to extend or to build up research networks. The programme is structured with parallel sessions for several (currently eight)  8 WORKING GROUPS (approximately 3 hours). Invited plenary lectures of interest to all working groups to be organized by two working groups (4 – 6 lectures, 30 min. per lecture). Feedback from the working groups in plenary sessions.

The EPNS Research Meeting on Paediatric Neurology is held every two years, always alternating with the EPNS Congress.

Upcoming EPNS Research Meetings:

8th EPNS Research Meeting 2024: Ljubljana, Slovenia

9th EPNS Research Meeting 2026: Thessaloniki, Greece (16-17 October 2026)

EPNS Research Meetings from previous years:

1st EPNS Research Meeting 2008: Tübingen, Germany

2nd EPNS Research Meeting 2010: Leuven, Belgium

3rd EPNS Research Meeting 2012: Beuggen, Germany

4th EPNS Research Meeting 2014: Bucharest, Romania

5th EPNS Research Meeting 2016: Essen, Germany

6th EPNS Research Meeting 2018: Alicante, Spain

The 7th Research Meeting was planned to take place in Stockholm and postponed from 2020 due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

7th EPNS Research Meeting 2021: VIRTUAL