The EPNS will consider endorsing events organised by other associations or non-profit/ government/ EU organisations that enhance the field of paediatric neurology. The EPNS accepts such requests on an ongoing basis.

To have the EPNS consider a request the following requirements must be met:

  • Submit the ‘Endorsement Request Application Form’: CLICK HERE
  • The application form must be received 6 months prior to the event, later requests can be considered as an exception.
  • The main point of contact must be a fully paid up member of the EPNS.

An EPNS committee will assess the completed ‘Endorsement Request Application Form’ to ensure that:

  • it is in line with the aims, and values of the EPNS,
  • represents value added for the community and participants,
  • addresses at least one of the European Paediatric Neurology syllabus core objectives
  • uses appropriate participant engagement methods,
  • does not conflict with the timing of any EPNS events. EPNS cannot endorse events taking place at the same time as EPNS events.

The EPNS committee will communicate the outcome of the assessment to the EPNS Administration Team who in turn will reply to the submitter of the application form with the final decision

A response to a request will be sent within two months of receiving an acknowledgement of safe receipt of the request form by the EPNS.

As a condition of approval, organisers agree to the following:

  • Acknowledged the EPNS on promotional pieces for the event. Suggested wording: “This event is endorsed by the EPNS”.
  • Provide the EPNS with the opportunity to display literature at the event.
  • Provide a final brief report/ photo of the event which can be shared with EPNS members.

In turn, the EPNS will provide the following:

  • List the event as an “EPNS Endorsed” event on our EPNS website
  • Include the event in a member e-newsletter
  • Provide you with the EPNS logo for your promotional materials

Important: the EPNS shall bear no financial, organisational or legal responsibility for any aspect related to any endorsed event. Endorsement of an event does not indicate endorsement of any publication or consensus that results from the event.


Dravet Syndrome Conference on 23 March 2023 in Madrid which was endorsed by the EPNS. Report:

Last March 23 saw the Dravet Syndrome Conference 2023, which was attended by numerous international healthcare professionals, researchers and industry professionals in the field of Dravet syndrome and related epilepsies, including Dr Charlotte Dravet. This day provided an excellent opportunity to learn more about this rare disease, its research pipeline, and to discuss and exchange ideas with friends, colleagues, and international experts.

El pasado 23 de marzo se celebró la Conferencia Internacional sobre el Síndrome de Dravet 2023, a la que asistieron numerosos profesionales sanitarios internacionales, investigadores y profesionales de la industria en el campo del síndrome de Dravet y epilepsias relacionadas, incluida la Dra. Charlotte Dravet. Esta jornada brindó una excelente oportunidad para aprender más sobre esta enfermedad rara, su investigación en curso, y para debatir e intercambiar ideas con amigos, colegas, y expertos internacionales.