The main role of the EPNS Scientific and Research Committee is to advise on the scientific programme of the EPNS congress, as well as symposia or sessions organized, or co-organized, by the EPNS within scientific meetings of other societies (eg. European Academy of Childhood Disability, EACD).

The Scientific and Research Committee also organises workshops, usually attached to congresses, aimed at the development of guidelines for diagnosis and/or treatment trials in specific pathologies.

The EPNS Congresses are held every 2 years and invitations to bid to host future congresses are sent to all EPNS members at the appropriate time.

EPNS Congress 2019: 18-21 September 2019: Athens, Greece: CLICK HERE

EPNS Congress 2021: 1-5 June 2021: Glasgow, United Kingdom: CLICK HERE

EPNS Congress 2023: 21-24 June 2023: Prague, Czech Republic: CLICK HERE