19-21 September 2024 (Thursday morning until Saturday lunchtime)

Masterclass topic: Great Expectations

Expectations are growing all the time in our specialty: new diagnostic techniques and ground-breaking treatments appear incredible one day; but by the next have become the “new normal” that everyone expects of us. New possibilities bring new responsibilities: to make diagnoses as rapidly as possible to ensure best possible outcome; to offer every treatment possible, as close to home as possible. Who will pay for these new capabilities? Or give us the extra time we now need to deliver them? How can we carry on doing more and more?

And there are still so many situations we can’t help — catastrophic brain injury, many remaining neurogenetic disorders. Families’ expectations have been raised by the good news stories: ‘why can’t my child have that treatment I read about online?” “I don’t believe you when you say there’s nothing that can be done”. We may believe their expectations are unrealistic but how can we be sure? What are the limits of recovery in the brain? When should we strive? And when should we ask parents to accept that whilst care is very possible, cure isn’t?

As well as the world class clinical and neuroscience faculty you expect from the EPNS we will have parents, ethicists, philosophers, and researchers from disciplines you don’t ordinarily meet speaking.

The EPNS Cambridge Masterclass has established itself as something special…

Masterclass Location: 

Corpus Christi, Cambridge, United Kingdom.


Corpus Christi College and St Catharine’s College and Gonville and Caius College in en-suite single rooms. Please note these are student rooms and can be quite basic. Participants will be notified about which college their accommodation has been reserved after registration. All 3 colleges are walking distance from each other.

Number of participants:

We are limiting numbers to 40 participants to preserve the interactive nature of the meeting.

Who can participate?

Building on the unique features of our first four Masterclasses, this is a small, interactive meeting with – where possible – delegates attending in “couples” of a senior mentoring clinician and the leaders of tomorrow: to share and learn from each other in areas where often there are no easy answers. We therefore prefer participants to register as a pair and complete a joint booking form, but we will accept enquiries from “unattached” individuals. Note: participants registering as a pair do not necessarily have to work at the same hospital but must have a mentor/mentee connection. We suggest the junior partner should be under 45, with a clinical practice in paediatric neurology and active in research and teaching.

Organising Committee

Dewi Bakker (Netherlands), Rob Forsyth (UK), Lucia Gerstl (Germany), Maria Gogou (UK), Kathleen Gorman (Ireland), Florian Heinen (Germany), Ilona Kopyta (Poland), Joe Symonds (UK), Mia Westerholm-Ormio (Finland).

Programme: CLICK HERE

Confirmed Speakers:

  • Sarah Barclay (UK), Founder and Director of Medical Mediation Foundation
  • Hannah Cock (UK), Professor of Epilepsy and Medical Education
  • Sarah Davis (UK), Senior Research Fellow, School of Medicine and Population Health, University of Sheffield
  • Gerald Dickens (UK), Actor
  • Paul Eunson (UK), Paediatric Neurologist, Edinburgh
  • Peter Falkai (Germany), Professor of Psychiatry and Psychotherapy, Munich
  • Charles A Foster (UK), Visiting Professor Oxford Law Faculty; Senior Research Associate at the Oxford Uehiro Centre for Practical Ethics and Ethox Centre, University of Oxford
  • Florian Heinen (Germany), Professor of Paediatric Neurology, LMU Klinikum Munich and MUC Hauner, Munich University Centre for Children with Developmental and Medical Complexity
  • Andreas Maeyer-Heim (Switzerland) Paediatric Neurologist, Division of Rehabilitation, University Children’s Hospital Zurich
  • Erica Molteni (UK) Coma Science Group, University of Liège
  • Ulrike Schara-Schmidt (Germany) Professor of Paediatric Neurology and Neuromuscular Disorders, University of Duisburg -Essen
  • Laurent Servais (UK) Professor of Paediatric Neuromuscular Diseases at the MDUK Oxford Neuromuscular Centre. Invited Professor of Child Neurology at Liège University

Registration Fee: 450 Euro per person OR 785 Euro per couple:

  • Three nights’ accommodation (Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday) at either Corpus Christi or St Catharine’s or Gonville and Caius College in a single STUDENT room with en-suite facilities.
  • Breakfast served at Corpus Christi college.
  • Access to the full Masterclass programme
  • Lunch on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday
  • Conference dinner in the College dining hall on Friday evening followed by an open after-dinner discussion of issues arising. (Please note, the capacity in the Dining Hall is sufficient to accommodate all participants but we are unlikely to be able to accommodate accompanying partners who are not participating in the masterclass).
  • Coffee and tea during all breaks.

It is possible to register with no accommodation or breakfast included, and registration fee is 350 Euros per person OR 600 Euros per couple.

Attendees are responsible for organising their own transport.

If additional nights’ accommodation is required, it maybe be booked at a cost of 100 Euros per night. To confirm availability, please email info@epns.info

Optional Social Event on Thursday evening: 60 Euros per person:

  • Kettles Yard house visit CLICK HERE to learn more
  • 2-course Dinner at ‘The Eagle’, a traditional English pub opened in 1667 where Watson and Crick celebrated discovering DNA and 100’s of WW2 RAF pilots left behind a wall of messages in the hope they were never forgotten.
  • Note: drinks at The Eagle are NOT included in this price. Guests need to purchase their own drinks from the bar.


  • Delegates are encouraged to register as a “couples”; a senior mentoring clinician and a mentee/leader of tomorrow.
  • Couples do not necessarily have to work at the same hospital but must have a mentor/mentee connection.
  • If you register as an individual with no mentor or mentee partner, we will strive to find another delegate to become your partner.
  • The EPNS Masterclass 2024 booking form constitutes a binding agreement. By submitting your booking form, you are accepting EPNS Cambridge Master Class 2024 TERMS & CONDITIONS
  • Places are limited and we expect demand to be high.
  • Both attendees (mentor and young neurologist) must be fully paid-up members of the EPNS (if you would like to join the EPNS, please email info@epns.info for guidance).
  • We recommend you take out appropriate insurance.
  • Bookings will be taken on a first come first served basis, secured on receipt of full payment.


Next steps after submitting the registration form

When the registration form has been completed, an automated email will be sent providing more information about how to pay and secure the registration.

If the automatic email is not received, email info@epns.info for guidance.

Payment can be made using 2 methods:

    • Bank transfer.
    • On-line payment by logging onto the EPNS website

Note: The bursary application period has now closed, and candidates have been informed about the outcome of their application