5th EPNS Masterclass at Corpus Christi College Cambridge, UK on 19-21 September 2024  (Thursday morning until Saturday lunchtime)


The theme of the 5th  EPNS Cambridge Masterclass is Great Expectations

Expectations are growing all the time in our specialty: new diagnostic techniques and ground breaking treaments appear incredible one day; but by the next have become the “new normal” that everyone expects of us. New possibilities bring new responsibilities: to make diagnoses as rapidly as possible to ensure best possible outcome; to offer every treatment possible, as close to home as possible. Who will pay for these new capabilities? Or give us the extra time we now need to deliver them? How can we carry on doing more and more?

And there are still so many situations we can’t help — catastrophic brain injury, many remaining neurogenetic disorders. Families’ expectations have been raised by the good news stories: ‘why can’t my child have that treatment I read about online?” “I don’t believe you when you say there’s nothing that can be done”. We may believe their expectations are unrealistic but how can we be sure? What are the limits of recovery in the brain? When should we strive? And when should we ask parents to accept that whilst care is very possible, cure isn’t?

As well as the world class clinical and neuroscience faculty you expect from the EPNS we will have parents, ethicists, philosophers and researchers from disciplines you don’t ordinarily meet speaking.

The EPNS Cambridge Masterclass has established itself as something special…

Previous delegate feedback: 

A rare treat. I really appreciated the quality of the talks and the interaction between participants

Really outstanding!

Truly amazing, a course with character. Enjoyed the blend of purely scientific talks with other talks.

Really motivating and inspiring time, great to get to know so many people.

Great event, looking forward to next Cambridge masterclass!

Inspiring, open our minds and improves us as doctors. Successful concept of teaching and learning together. Perfect setting to explore. 

Excellent initiative, so important to help connect international child neurologists and help broaden perspectives.

Excellent meeting, thought provoking talks and discussion, enjoyed the whole experience from start to finish.

Don’t change the concept! I love the mixture of input from a diversity of disciplines. I expected the course to be more about treating the disease but was happy to realise it was more about the art of treating the patient with the disease.