Associate membership is awarded, on application, to all paediatric neurologists and colleagues in related fields and that belong to their national society or association in their field and to any physician, basic scientist or clinical scientist trainee/residents in paediatric neurology who shows an interest in the neurology of infancy, childhood or adolescence, whether in research or in clinical medical care. There are no geographical restrictions to associate membership. Associate members pay an annual subscription, which includes subscription to the European Journal of Paediatric Neurology, the Journal of the Society.

Ordinary membership is for any associate member that is also in practice in Europe (currently taken as the region for which European Office of WHO is responsible) as a fully qualified Medical Doctor/Physician in Paediatric Neurology with a main clinical and/or research activity in paediatric neurology. Whereas associate membership requires only completion of the application form and fulfilment of the conditions described above for associate membership, transition from associate to ordinary membership takes place by the vote of the general assembly at the meeting of The Society. This meeting is held at the EPNS congress every second year. The only difference between associate and ordinary membership is the entitlement of ordinary members to vote for and stand as candidates for election to the Board of The Society. This election takes place immediately after an EPNS congress which means that associate members from Europe can expect to be able to vote or put themselves forward to election at the first election after they have become associate members. Please note, Elsevier, the publishers of the Journal have agreed electronic-only copies of the Journal and printed copies will be available to our members at a reduced price.

Honorary membership is for persons who the society wishes to honour for outstanding distinction in the field of paediatric neurology.

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