European Paediatric Neurology Society (EPNS)

Education, Promotion, Networking, Science for Paediatric Neurology

Chair of the EPNS Education and Training Committee: Dana Craiu







Committee members:

Dana Craiu CHAIR
Dewi Bakker
Maria Roberta Cilio
Rob Forsyth
Kathleen Mary Gorman
Anna Jansen
Altynshash Jaxybayeva
Ming Lim
Maria Papadopoulou
Kevin Rostasy
Thomas Sejersen
Agnese Suppiej
Monica Vasconcelos
Federico Vigevano
Dilek Yalnizoglu


The main role of the EPNS Education and Training Committee is to facilitate training courses around Europe. The EPNS has a programme of training courses to offer fellows and (young) paediatric neurologists the opportunity to learn paediatric neurology at a level prescribed by the Syllabus of the EPNS, to meet experts in the field and to exchange knowledge and personal experience. In addition many other educational and training opportunities are offered to EPNS members who have paid their EPNS membership fee.