The EPNS has been organising training courses in paediatric neurology since 2003 specifically aiming at trainees/residents but also at qualified paediatric neurologists who want to refresh their knowledge on certain topics.  One initiative is the ‘3-year cycle’ of training courses. The aim of this scheme is to cover most main topics in the syllabus over a three-year cycle and to promote contact between individuals in the speciality in different parts of Europe. The course has a highly interactive character and participants are encouraged to bring (difficult) cases to discuss. The number of participants is limited and applicants who wish to attend both courses will be given priority over those who wish to attend one of the two courses.The style of teaching will combine lectures, workshops and interactive sessions.

The first series of six courses (2003-2008) were held on different locations throughout Europe and were often combined with international meetings such as the EPNS or EACD congress.

The second series (2009-2011) was held on a stand-alone basis on a fixed location in Romania (Cheile Gradistei, local organiser: Dana Craiu)) with two separate courses back to back in one week.

The third series (2012-2014) followed the same principles and was held in Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina, local organiser: Smail Zubcevic).

Our fourth series (2015-2017) was held in Budapest (Hungary, local organiser: Katalin Hollody).

Our fifth series (2018-2020)  held in Alicante (Spain, local organiser: Francisco Carratala). 2020 was cancelled at short notice due to the global pandemic.

Our sixth series (2021-2023) due to the global pandemic, 2021 and 2022 were fully virtual events. 2023 was held in Riga, Latvia. Local Organiser: Jurgis Strautmanis

Our seventh series (2024-2026) will be held in Ferrara, Italy: Local organiser: Agnese Suppiej


The EPNS will offer a limited number of bursaries. Applicants must meet the following criteria:

  • be a member of the EPNS.
  • have paid their current year annual subscription fee.
  • be a resident in paediatric neurology, neurology or paediatrics, or a young paediatric neurologist.
  • NOT be members of the WB4A category (email if unsure).

The bursary will fully cover both the training course fees, accommodation for 3 nights in case of single course, for 5 nights in case of both courses and all meals, including breakfast as well as the social programme. It will not cover any other costs, including travel costs.

EPNS training courses 2003-2015

2021Neonatal NeurologyFull Virtual (Jurmala)Haataja2021Neonatal NeurologyFull Virtual (Jurmala)Haataja

2003 Epilepsy, paroxysmal disorders Sicily Neville
2004 Behavioural neurology Gillberg Goteborg
2005 Inflammatory disorders, infections and metabolic disease Leeds Surtees, Tardieu, Newton
2006 Neonatal and developmental neurology Groningen Hadders-Algra, de Vries, Brouwer
2007 Neuromuscular disease Izmir Topaloglu, Darin
2008 Acute and surgical neurology, cerebrovascular disease Warsaw Joswiak, Curatolo
2009 Neuroimaging Cheile Gradistei Meiners
2009 Neurogenetics Cheile Gradistei Hennekam
2010 Central motor function disorder Cheile Gradistei Heinen, Papavassiliou
2010 Cognition and childhood epilepsies Cheile Gradistei Arzimanoglou, Lagae
2011 Neuromuscular disorders Cheile Gradistei Huges
2011 Perinatal neurology Cheile Gradistei Marlow
2012 Acute neurology and neuro-oncology Sarajevo Newton, Jozwiak, Walker, Kennedy, Ozek
2012 Immune-mediated and infective central nervous system disease Sarajevo Tardieu, Catsman, Lim, Kneen
2013 Paroxysmal episodes: the seizure, involuntary movement and primary headache disorders; the child with illness behaviour (including psychogenic seizures). Sarajevo Gunning, Hennekam, Lagae, Lloyd, Newton, Schmitt, Wolf, Zuberi
2013 The child with developmental impairment: language disorders, autism, epilepsy sleep disorders and developmental impairment; behaviour disorders; ADHD; the child who is losing skills. Sarajevo Gunning, Hennekam, Lagae, Lloyd, Newton, Schmitt, Wolf, Zuberi
2014 Fetal and neonatal imaging, normal appearances and congenital malformations. Neonatal encephalopathy. Neonatal seizures and encephalopathy: ethical considerations, brain death. Sarajevo Zubcevic, Newton
2014 Neuromuscular Disorders Sarajevo Zubcevic, Newton
2015 Infections and Immune mediated diseases Budapest Anlar, Hollody, Catsman-Berrevoets
2015 Acute Neurology and Neuro-0ncology Budapest Steinlin, Hollody, Catsman-Berrevoets’
2016 Epilepsy and other paroxysmal disorders Budapest Hollody, Catsman-Berrevoets
2016 Behavioural, psychological and psychiatric aspects of neurology, including autism and learning difficulties Budapest Baxter, Hollody, Catsman-Berrevoets
2017 Infantile Metabolic Encephalopathies (IME) and Neonatal Neurology Budapest Plecko, Hollody, Catsman-Berrevoets
2017 Neuromuscular disorders Budapest Sejersen, Hollody, Catsman-Berrevoets
2018 Immune mediated diseases and infections Alicante Catsman-Berrevoets, Carratala
2018 Acute Paediatric Neurology and Emergency Alicante Steinlin, Carratala
2019 Neurometabolic Diseases Alicante Plecko, Willemsen, Catsman-Berrevoets, Carratala
2019 Epilepsy Alicante Lagae, Carratala
2020 CANCELLED due to Coronavirus outbreak. (planned Neuromuscular Diseases: Sejersen) Alicante not applicable
2020 CANCELLED due to Coronavirus outbreak. (planned Neonatal Neurology: Haataja) Alicante not applicable
2021 Neuromuscular Diseases Full Virtual (Jurmala) Sejersen,
2021 Neonatal Neurology Full Virtual (Jurmala) Haataja
2022 Acute Neurological Diseases Full Virtual (Jurmala) Steinlin
2022 Immune Mediated disease and Infections Full Virtual (Jurmala) Anlar and Rostasy
2023 Neurometabolics Riga Plecko and Willemsen
2023 Epilepsy Riga Craiu and Lagae
2024 Acute neurology Ferrara Bakker and Gorman
2024 Neurophysiological investigations Ferrara Craiu and Suppiej