The European Paediatric Neurology Society (EPNS) is a non profit making independent Society for physicians, health professionals, scientists and students with a research or clinical interest in Child Neurology.

A rapidly growing group of like-minded active professionals who are committed to improving standards of care of all children with suspected neurological problems and to collaborating on training, continuing medical education and research.

The EPNS is governed by the EPNS Board, renowned experts in Child Neurology that have been elected by the Ordinary Members of the Society in accordance with the

The EPNS Board is dedicated to developing paediatric neurology, give training and education to younger colleagues at the highest level and to start new scientific and vibrant collaborations.

Our EPNS Board members are ith our EPNS members in research, science, education, training, patient care and advocating within the field of child neurology.

Mission and objectives  

The mission of the EPNS is to support excellent patient care and outcomes in Europe and beyond in Child Neurology by:

  • Supporting excellence in science and clinical neurological research
  • Nurturing multidisciplinary collaboration
  • Promote the highest standards of child neurology education
  • Provide a complete and comprehensive learning environment to all professionals working in and interested in child neurology.
  • Advocate on for the highest standards of child neurology patient care
  • Provide leadership and support which is universally accessible to all those working in the child neurology field.

You are invited to explore this EPNS website to learn more about the exciting events and initiatives which are currently on offer.

If you are not already a member, the EPNS would be delighted to welcome you!

with best wishes from the EPNS Board members 2022-2026 and guests

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