The fees owing for 2019 can now be paid by debit/credit card, regular standing order, bank transfer or by SEPA direct debit.

For reviewing subscriptions already paid please log into the member section and see “subscriptions”, “legacy subscriptions”

Payment by credit or debit card

    1. Pay online
    • Visit the EPNS website
    • Click on the blue ‘Members area’ button on the right-hand side of the screen
    • Input your user name (usually your Last Name)
    • Input your password
      • If you cannot remember your password, please use the ‘lost password’ button, and check your spam email in-box if no reply is received within 5 minutes, or simply email for assistance.
    • Once successfully logged into the member section of the EPNS website:
      • Select ‘Subscriptions’ (right hand side of screen)
      • Straight away you will see the ‘Make a new order’ section
      • From the ‘Make a new order’ section, choose your preferred membership type:
        • online journal only or printed copy of journal as well
      • Select ‘add to basket’ underneath your chosen membership type
      • Select ‘proceed to check-out’
      • If required, complete your billing details.
    • Select either:
      • Credit Cards (VISA, Mastercard) – note: also debit cards are accepted here
      • Direct Bank Transfer
        • Important, please note direct bank transfer is not paid on-line. Please instruct your bank to send the funds by money transfer and quote your last name and Order ID in the reference.
      • Select ‘place order’
        • If you selected ‘credit card’ complete the requested fields
        • If you selected ‘direct bank transfer’ please instruct your bank to send the payment. The EPNS bank details and order ID will be made available to you when you select ‘place order’.

Pay by Bank Transfer to the following bank account:

Bank name: Merkur Bank KGaA, Bayerstrasse 33, D-80335 Munich – Germany

Bank account name: ‘European Paediatric Neurology Society (EPNS)’

Account no 70130800


IBAN no: DE82701308000000088900

Please quote your last name and the payment year in the bank transfer reference.

Pay by Standing Order – only available to members of the EU, plus Norway and Switzerland.

Set up a standing order via your on-line banking with the following details:

Payee Account Name: EPNS

Payee Bank name: Merkur Bank KGaA, Bayerstrasse 33, D-80335 Munich

Payee Account number: 70130800

Payee BIC code: GENODEF1M06

Payee IBAN no: DE82701308000000088900


Payment Frequency: yearly

Payment amount: XX Euros

refer to the table above for the correct amount -verify:

  • Your correct category
  • if you would like to receive a printed copy of the Journal
  • if you would like on-line only access to the journal

Date of first payment: as soon as possible

Date of next payment: 15 December 2019 UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE

Pay by Direct Debit – Please note that SEPA direct debits are only possible if are within an EU country and your bank is participating in the SEPA payment scheme for personal customers. We have also found that the EU countries that do not use the Euro as their main currency have not been able to use the SEPA direct debit system.

Below is a table of the 2019 subscription fees:

The fee paid for 2019 depends on several factors:

  • Whether you opt to pay the Combined 2019 & 2020 to enjoy the substantial savings, or you opt to pay just the fee for 2019.
  • The World Bank income category your country belongs to:
  • If your country does not appear on this list, this means, you will pay the discounted World Bank Class 1,2,3 nation fee. **
  • Whether you would like to opt to receive a printed copy of the Journal (plus electronic access) or electronic only access.
  • Whether you are a trainee.

electronic-only Journal


printed copy of Journal

Combined 2019 & 2020

electronic-only Journal

Combined 2019 & 2020

printed copy of Journal

Category WB4A: World Bank Class 4 nations not WB4B* 130 Euros 160 Euros 235 Euros 290 Euros
Category WB4B*: World Bank Class 4 nations: Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Estonia, Greece, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Poland, Portugal, Slovak Republic, Slovenia, Spain 65 Euros 95 Euros 115 Euros 170 Euros
Category WB123**: World Bank Class 1, 2 or 3 nation 30 Euros 60 Euros 55 Euros 110 Euros
Category Trainee: Trainee member any nation 20 Euros 50 Euros 35 Euros 90 Euros

For existing members of The Society, the correct schedule of fees for 2019 for the country where you practice has been automatically applied and the fees that apply to you will be shown when you click on the ‘subscriptions’ tab and then on ‘Make new payment’.* In order to qualify for this trainee discount, please send a supporting letter from your tutor confirming that you are a trainee and the date your training is expected to be completed. Your tutor must be send a supporting letter every 2 years thereafter until the expected completion date of your training has been reached. This will ensure you continue to qualify for the trainee rate. Your supporting letter can be emailed to .