13th EPNS Congress: 17-21 September 2019, Athens, Greece

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Greece hosted the 13th EPNS Congress at the Megaron Athens International Conference Centre in Athens on 17-21 September 2019. EPNS congress website http://www.epns2019.org/

The event was a great success: 1799 delegates from 75 different countries!

Sincere thanks to all organisers, speakers, chairs, supporters and delegates for making this such a wonderful success!

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The main theme for the 2019 congress was Paediatric Neurology and Rare Diseases: Genetics & Environment, Progression & Transition thus, coinciding with the fact that 2019 has been declared as “the Year of Rare Diseases” Therapy, prognosis and outcome of rare diseases, as well as their progression & transition to adolescence and adulthood, represent important issues and challenges both for the family and the patients, as well as for the whole health system in general (health care professionals, industry and national authorities). A large number of pediatric but also adult specialists, apart from neurologists, are involved in the care of little patients with complex rare neurological diseases, thus highlighting the need of interaction and collaboration needed at the highest level in order to offer optimum therapeutic options and a better quality of life.

This prestigious congress covered, in plenary and parallel sessions, the following major topics: Emergency & critical care neurology, rare neurogenetic & neurometabolic diseases, clinical trials & registries, sleep, but also epilepsy, movement & neuromuscular disorders, intellectual disability and autism, among them.

Dimitrios Zafeirou, Chair EPNS Congress 2019

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Invitation to the Neuro-MIG satellite at EPNS

Neuro-MIG EPNS Satellite 17SEP19_F

International Pediatric Stroke Organization (IPSO) meeting at EPNS


IPSO Flyer_Athens 2019