Brain Innovation Days

in Brussels on 26-27 October 2023 “In Discussion With: Innovative Gene-Related Therapies.” This session will be chaired by EPNS past President Professor Sameer Zuberi and will feature insights from two pioneering minds in the field of neurology – Professor Francesco Muntoni (EPNS Board Member and winner of the EPNS Aicardi Award 2023) and Professor Gabriele Lignani. We are proud to also announce…

EPNS Membership Fee 2023 and 2024

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EPNS Fellowship Update

EPNS Fellowship Update We are delighted to share an update from Dr Renata Paolilo from Universidade de São Paulo, Brazil who went to Evelina London Children Hospital, London, United Kingdom.  Click to read more


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NEW EPNS Mission Statement

Education, Promotion, Networking, Science The EPNS is an international and independent non-profit making Society for physicians, health professionals, scientists, and students with research and/or clinical interest in Paediatric Neurology. Our mission is to promote excellence in patient care, research, and education to improve the neurological outcome of children and young people in Europe and across the world. Learn…

EPNS Research Meeting 2024 SAVE THE DATE

Taking place in Ljubljana, Slovenia on 17-18 October 2024.  Local Organisers: Professor Zvonka Rener Primec and Dr Jasna Orazem This meeting is a forum for researchers in Paediatric Neurology, where they present their work, ideas, results, creating the possibility for good interaction between researchers and premises for networking, future collaborative research in Europe and beyond.…