The fees owing for 2016 can now be paid by credit card, bank transfer or by SEPA direct debit.

For reviewing subscriptions already paid please log into the member section and see “subscriptions”.


Payment by credit card


  • Instruction,
  • Payment: please enter “subcriptions” via “member login”

Payment by Bank Transfer

Account name: EPNS
Bank name: Merkur Bank KGaA, Bayerstrasse 33, D-80335 Munich – Germany

Account no 400088900

IBAN: DE64 7013 0800 0400 0889 00

To help with our administration, please quote your name and year of subscription fee payment.

Remittance fee has to be paid by the client


Payment by recurring direct debit

Please note that SEPA direct debits are only possible EU countries AND if your bank is participating in the SEPA payment system for personal customers. At this stage of the roll-out of the SEPA direct debit scheme, there are still a substantial number of banks in the EU who have still not subscribed for international payments for personal customers. We have found that EU countries who do not use the Euro as their currency are unable to process these direct debit payments.


European Paediatric Neurology Society Subscriptions 2016
Membership and electronic-only EJPN Membership and printed copy of EJPN
Members from countries in the World Bank high income category (see world bank high income countries 2015) 120  150 
Members from all other countries i.e. World Bank low and middle income categories 30  60 
Trainee member from any nation*


20  50 

* In order to qualify for this trainee discount, please send a supporting letter from your tutor confirming that you are a trainee and the date your training is expected to be completed. Your tutor must be send a supporting letter every 2 years thereafter until the expected completion date of your training has been reached. This will ensure you continue to qualify for the trainee rate. Your supporting letter can be emailed to .

For existing members of The Society, the correct schedule of fees for 2016 for the country where you practice has been automatically applied and the fees that apply to you will be shown when you click on the ‘subscriptions’ tab and then on ‘Make new payment’.