In May 2022 the WHO Global Action Plan on Epilepsy and other neurological disorders 2022-2031 was adopted by the World health Assembly thus acknowledging that neurological diseases are the fastest-growing causes of death throughout the life-span in comparison to other non-communicable diseases and a major cause of disability adjusted life years. The current increased global interest in brain health and its impact on population wellbeing and economic growth presented an opportunity to rethink the delivery of neurological services. In a recently published paper in Nature Reviews Neurology by Owolabi and other representatives of international neurological societies, including the EPNS to ensure explicit attention to paediatric neurological health, the global burden of neurological disorders is highlighted and pragmatic solutions are proposed. Strategies are discussed that include the recognition and promotion of holistic, spiritual and planetary health in order to create equitable and inclusive access to services for the promotion, protection and recovery of neurological health in all human populations across the life course.