Fully paid up EPNS members are now invited to register to attend one or both of the following EPNS VIRTUAL training courses:

24-25 March 2022 Acute Paediatric Neurological Diseases course moderated by Professor Maja Steinlin
30-31 March 2022
Immune Mediated Diseases and Infections course moderated by Professor Banu Anlar and Professor Kevin Rostasy

More information about the training courses: https://www.epns.info/education-and-training/epns-training-courses/epns-training-course-jurmala-latvia-2022/

To become an EPNS member: https://www.epns.info/become-an-epns-member/new-membership-application/

 To Register for the training courses:

  1. Select the correct registration link below. (you need to register for each course separately using the correct link. It is not possible to register for both courses using one link).
  2. Create a new account with your personal data on the top right of the Winglet platform (“SIGNUP”) or log in to your existing account (“LOGIN”)
  3. Place the EPNS training course of your choice in your shopping cart via the button “Get Ticket
  4. If you are entitled to register at a reduced fee, enter the coupon code (found on the EPNS training course website link above) in the 2nd step of the booking process; otherwise skip this step and move forward to the next page.
  5. Fill in your payment details and complete your registration. Afterwards, you will have instant access to the online training centre.


If attending both courses – you need to register for each course separately using the 2 links.

Acute Paediatric Neurological Diseases: VIRTUAL 24-25 March 2022TO REGISTER CLICK HERE

Immune Mediated Diseases and InfectionsVIRTUAL 30-31 March 2022: TO REGISTER CLICK HERE