Educational Event in Pediatric Movement Disorders: Barcelona: 30 Nov-1 Dec 2018

From Genome to Precision Medicine in Paediatric Movement Disorders


5 bursaries were granted by the EPNS.

The event gathered a total of 128 participants from Spain, Poland, Portugal, United Kingdom, Italy, France, Greece, Jordan and Saudi Arabia. It provided a comprehensive overview on genomics research and state-of-the-art  management of pediatric movement disorders, including advanced therapies and deep brain stimulation. The valuable contribution of four patient advocacy groups (Myoclonus dystonia syndrome, NBIA, STXBP1 encephalopathy and GLUT1 deficiency syndrome is acknowledged.

Ukrainian – Bavarian Symposium: 20-22 September 2018.

20-22.10.2018 XII Ukrainian –Bavarian Symposium had been held in Kropyvnytskiy, Ukraine. Approximately 250 participants attended the meeting. They were paediatric neurologists, psychiatrists, neonatologists, pediatritians, orthopedists, psychologists, rehabilitologists from different parts of Ukraine. The Symposium covered different topics such main concepts of medical-social rehabilitation, possible ways of reorganization of institutions for children, the organization of palliative care; diagnosis and treatment of neuromuscular diseases, epilepsy and autistic spectrum disorders. Participants of the Symposium enjoyed very interesting and constructive presentations of local speakers and also had exclusive opportunity to listen to international speakers: Adrona Prasauskene and Francisco Carratalá Marco. Also during Symposium 4 Skype Conferences had been held.  EPNS supported the attendance of the Symposium by Francisco Carratalá Marco who kindly agreed to be the international guest speaker and gave two outstanding lectures on the Relationship of autism and epilepsy and Treatment of epilepsy in autistic conditions and behavioural outcome. Both presentations contained very interesting results of own studies, which were accepted with great interest and discussion. We still get very positive feedback on the Autism session. This part of the symposium also was related to the promotion of EPNS, as all participants got EPNS Leaflets with their Congress Bags, also the short announcement about EPNS and its activity was made before Professor Carratala presentation. All organizers and I personally are very thankful to the Society, EPNS board members, President of EPNS Sameer Zuberi and EPNS Chair of the Education and Training Committee, Coriene Catsman-Berrevoets, for the given opportunity to have such high-level guest speaker at the Symposium and also for the great support of Paediatric Neurology in Ukraine. Kind regards, Dr Alla Nechai


Joint EPNS/SINP teaching course: 16-20 April 2018: Catania, Sicily

Following the success of the meeting in Matera at the end of 2017, the SINP (Society for Italy Pediatric Neurology) kindly invited speakers from the EPNS Board to participate in a residential joint EPNS/SINP teaching course on epilepsy and clinical neurophysiology in neonates and infants in Catania. Professor Sameer Zuberi, EPNS President, together with 2 colleagues from the EPNS Board; Professor Finbar O’Callaghan and Professor Dimitrios Zafeiriou were delighted to attend as speakers.