2nd EPNS Master Class, Cambridge: 14-16 September 2017 another wonderful meeting!

Title: Functional Disorders – Child Neurology meets Literature ‘

Held at Corpus Christi College, University of Cambridge, United Kingdom

34 participants = 17 mentor/Young Neurologist couples

Course Characteristics:

(1)          Mentor-Young Neurologist Couple

(2)          An in-depth-view of a major challenge in Paediatric Neurology practice – Functional Neurological Symptoms.

Programme: click here

Invited Speakers: We were honoured that our eminent invited speakers agreed to join us. We were very excited to have Siri Hustvedt contributing to the meeting. Siri is a writer of novels and non-fiction including a highly-acclaimed account of her own experiences of “medically unexplained” functional neurological symptoms. She lectures on psychiatry, medical humanities and neurosciences courses. She wonders what happens — rhetorically and physiologically — when we change our minds. http://sirihustvedt.net