Attended by Kevin Rostasy, EPNS President, the event was held in the European Parliament in Brussels on 7 March 2024, hosted by Member of European Parliament (MEP) Colm Markey (EPP, IE), bringing together stakeholders in the space, including clinicians, researchers, patients, and additional MEPs and civil servants. Key policy asks were presented by the brain community and showcased the importance of placing the brain as a top health and research priority in the EU; not only to tackle the growing burden of brain disorders in Europe — neurological and mental alike—but to recognise that by prioritising the brain, we prioritise the health of all citizens: to live in health and in happiness, to power our labour markets and economies, and to build for future generations. Instead of divesting in a cost, policymakers and society at large should view the prioritization and support of brain research as an investment into prevention, wellness, and optimization.
#Brain health starts in childhood