As a result of a collaboration project, the EPNS and Mac Keith Press are offering TWO accredited interactive online learning courses based on the 2nd edition of the book Principles and Practice of Child Neurology in Infancy to support paediatric health professionals develop best clinical practice for all neurological problems in infancy. The authors are distinguished experts drawn from all over Europe and the emphasis throughout is on clinical methods, the use of appropriate investigations and treatments, and the avoidance of unnecessary or potentially harmful interventions.

  • Complements your clinical training to improve knowledge and clinical practice.
  • Interact with the material by answering reflective activities to create a digital workbook.
  • Test your knowledge with a Multiple-Choice Questionnaire.
  • Read further with references and free access to videos and six classic paediatric neurology textbooks.
  • Receive a PDF certificate on completion with EACCME® accreditation points

Principles of Child Neurology in Infancy  sets out in a succinct format the description of basic definitions used in classification of paediatric neurologic diseases, principles of working with families, of clinical assessment, of screening, vaccination, use of investigations and treatments, and of evidence-based medicine. 10 EACCME® accreditation points

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 Clinical Practice of Child Neurology in Infancy is an up-to-date summary of current clinical practice in paediatric neurology, covers a wide range of clinical scenarios, and provides authoritative advice from distinguished experts who present an accessible, symptom-based approach to clinical problems and their management. 11 EACCME® accreditation points

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  • Payment is for 12 months access with the option to renew access at 50% discount.
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