Application period for EPNS Fellowship 2020 is now open!

Closing date for EPNS Fellowship 2020 is 1 November 2019

Purpose of the Fellowship: To create excellence by offering the opportunity for further qualification or experience in an area of paediatric neurology in terms of clinical practice or research. The fellowship must take place in a European Country; this is taken as the region for which the European Office of WHO is responsible

Previous successful EPNS Fellows:

Fellowship type: EPNS offers 2 types of fellowship in 2020:

  • Clinical elective (e.g. attending clinics, developing skills in EEG, EMG etc.)
  • Research project (May be part of a thesis; basic or patient orientated research Learning a specific skill/ technique)

Number of EPNS Fellowship 2020 available: 6

Fellowship scope: 3-4 month’s fellowship in a specialised centre in Europe.

Fellowship budget: 5,000 Euros

Candidate’s criteria:

  1. Location. The fellowship must take place in a European Country; this is taken as the region for which the European Office of WHO is responsible  One centre can only receive a maximum of 2 EPNS Fellows in one year. The fellowship cannot take place in the same country the applicant currently practices.
  2. Duration: 3-4 months. The fellowship MUST begin in 2020.
  3. EPNS membership. Candidates must have been an EPNS member for at least 6 months when the application period opened (the date the application period opened is 29/4/19), with the 2019/20 membership fee paid at the date of application.
  4. Resident or young specialist(< 5 years after obtaining PN registration) of Paediatric Neurology. PhD students who are not PN or training for PN do not qualify. The scheme is targeted at those who are at the early stages of their training in the field of paediatric neurology.
  5. Fluent in relevant languageof the centre which will be hosting the fellowship.
  6. Continuing a Fellowship. Candidates cannot use the EPNS fellowship to continue/supplement an existing/ongoing fellowship. This EPNS scheme is for new fellowships only.
  7. A fellowship is strictly personal and cannot be transferred to another person.
  8. If not successful, it is possible to re-apply for a fellowship.
  9. A fellowship can only be awarded to a person once.

 How to apply: 

  • It is the responsibility of the applicant to locate and make arrangements with their nominated host site. The EPNS will not become involved in this process. Eligible EPNS members who wish to apply for an EPNS Fellowship are welcome to contact any European Centre which meets the criteriaof the EPNS Fellowship scheme. To help locate an appropriate Centre, a number of European Centres, subject to availability, would be willing to consider accommodating future EPNS Fellowships. Please visit this link for more information
  • Complete the Fellowship 2020 application form. Click here: EPNS fellowship 2020 application form
  • Send the completed application form to Sue Hargreaves at together with the following documentation:
  1. Local supervisor consent
  2. Hosting supervisor consent which must include their declaration that the candidate is fluent in the locally relevant language
  3. Detailed Cost Calculation – candidates must complete: click here: EPNS fellowship standard cost calculation application form
  4. A photograph of yourself

 What happens after an application has been sent?

  • All applications will be considered by the EPNS Fellowship Selection Committee members. This Committee consists of 5 representatives from the EPNS Board.
  • All applicants will receive an email to tell them the outcome of their application by the by the end of December 2019.

How is the selection made? The Application Forms will be assessed using a standardised scoring system along with subjective impression. In order to be considered, candidates must meet or exceed the minimum criteria set by the EPNS Fellowship Selection Committee.  Decisions made by EPNS Fellowship Selection Committee are final and are not subject to review or appeal.

What happens if I am successful?

Successful candidates:

  • will have their photograph and details of their fellowship added to the EPNS website, included in EPNS communications and all EPNS social media platforms
  • will be sent the funds for their Fellowship to a nominated bank account.
  • will be asked to submit a questionnaire after their fellowship has been completed, signed by the hosting supervisor

Please email with any enquiries