Due to the global pandemic, whilst it was planned that Latvia would host the 3 year EPNS cycle from 2021-2023, the courses in 2021 and 2022 were transitioned to virtual events.However, we were delighted that the 2023 Training courses were fully in-person in Riga, the historic capital city of Latvia.

The event was a great success too!

Sincere thanks to Dana Craiu and Jurgis Strautmanis for their wonderful organisation, the 4 moderators, Barbara Plecko, Michel Willemsen, Lieven Lagae and Dana Craiu for their excellent facilitation and all the faculty members for delivering a high class and inspirational programme.
Our heartfelt thanks go to all the participants for entering the spirit of the EPNS training courses and creating an interactive atmosphere – we hope new friendships and networks have been nurtured.

Neurometabolics: 11 European CME credits (ECMEC®s).

Monday 24 and Tuesday 25 April 2023

Moderators: Professor Barbara Plecko and Professor Michel Willemsen

Programme: CLICK HERE

Epilepsy: 10 European CME credits (ECMEC®s).

Wednesday 26 and Thursday 27 April 2023

Moderators: Professor Lieven Lagae and Professor Dana Craiu

Programme: CLICK HERE

VenueBellevue Park Hotel Riga

The official language of the training course was English.


The standard of participant presentations was  high, and it is with great pleasure we can announce the following 2 award winners – congratulations!

  • Neurometabolics course: Mariam Lomsianidze from Georgia ‘SC4MOL Deficiency’
  • Epilepsy course: Teodora Paneva from Bulgaria ‘Can genetic testing solve the puzzle?’

The prize was a certificate and a bursary to attend the EPNS Training Course Ferrara 2024.


The Social Programme was as follows

A night in Folk-club with a Folk-show on 24 April

A folk night joined by experienced and professional folk-musicians. Each of them is a singer, dancer and musician; most of them can play several instruments. In the folk show offered musicians will tell some stories about Latvian traditional costumes they are wearing. You will be able to hear different traditional Latvian folk music instruments, songs, dances and stories about Latvian ancient history. One of the magical moments of the show is a presentation of kokle (Latvian traditional music instrument) due to its sound which is harp-like and mesmerizing. Moreover, dancing together with guests is involved. Artists will teach you some of the dances and traditional games that can be done with all the group together. Furthermore, we will try out singing a few easy phrases in Latvian with you. Buffet dinner & beer/wine included.

Night at the Castle of Light on 26 April

Opposite the Old Town, on the left bank of the Daugava, rises the building of the National Library of Latvia or the Castle of Light. This is one of the most significant cultural buildings in the history of restored Latvia. The library’s new building was opened in August 2014, designed by the world-renowned Latvian architect Gunārs Birkerts. The library is a cultural and information center which offers a list of opportunities for domestic and foreign visitors – you can visit a wide range of themed reading rooms to get acquainted with grandiose bookshelves, periodicals, audio/video recordings, and rare publications. The library also has a Cabinet of Folksongs (Dainu Skapis) for public viewing, a world-class cultural asset and included in the UNESCO Memory of the World Program. In addition, the Castle of Light regularly hosts various exhibitions, concerts, and lectures. Here you can also find wireless internet, a cafe, a restaurant, and undoubtedly the most beautiful view of the Old Town. The main task of the library is to create and preserve the collection of national and world literature and ensure its free access to everyone. The core of more than 4 million items stock is Latvian and foreign publications on Latvia and Latvians. We will start with a walk to the Library and an excursion there. A buffet dinner with DJ will be served in the upper floors of the Library.