A request from the Italian National Neuropediatric Society (SINP) to the EPNS, board members F O’Callaghan, Fransisco Carratala, Raili Riikonen, and Banu Anlar contributed to the SINP Congress in Matera, Italy on 30 November-2 December 2017 and to the Pre-Congress course on 29th/30th November 2017.

The events began with the course given in two adjacent halls, one in electrophysiology and the other on “Epilepsy and Comorbiditiy”. The EPNS contribution to the latter with lectures by the four EPNS members were followed by 20 child neurologists in training or in practice. The course ended with a quiz and interactive discussion of the answers. The group was encouraged to give feedback to the SINP and to the EPNS in order to plan for future actiivites.

The congress was attended by 150-200 participants, the majority form the field of child neurology but also from physiotherapy and other allied disciplines. The collaboration with the EPNS was acknowledged, and EPNS membership was promoted especially by the local organizers, Dr.s Raffele Falsaperla (Catania, Siciliy) and Agnese Suppiej (Padova). The Italian Society has been steadily growing, and, by developing an inclusive approach, recruiting many new members from all over the country. Therefore, partnership with the EPNS is likely to grow simultaneously with the development of the national society. The representatives of the EPNS were honored and pleased and to take part in these scientific events with this young and dynamic society.