Course on Cerebral Palsy, Neonatal Encephalopathy, Dystonia, and Floppy Infant Baku/Virtual: 30-31 May 2022

Following the successfully conducted EPNS-supported Master Class on Paediatric Neurology in Baku in 2019 ( , Dr Naila Ismayilova (Consultant Paediatric Neurologist, London) and Professor Aytan Mammabayli (President of Azerbaijan Paediatric Neurology Association) requested EPNS to support another course. This event was conducted as a virtual course on 30-31st May 2022 in Baku, Azerbaijan, on paediatric neurology topics like cerebral palsy, a floppy baby, evidence-based medicine, neonatal epileptic and developmental epileptic encephalopathies, non-epileptic paroxysmal events, movements disorders, Status Dystonicus, and challenges in the whole genome sequencing.

The organisers of this EPNS-supported course, Dr Alasdair Parker, Dr Hans Hartmann and Dr Naila Ismayilova, invited internationally well-known lecturers from England, Scotland, Italy, India and Kazakhstan. Please, refer to the programme ( This educational event also included 5 interesting clinical cases presented by local paediatric neurologists.

This course attracted and was well received by 29 participants, out which 26 people were from Azerbaijan, 2 – from Kazakhstan, and 1 – from the United States of America. The EPNS faculty received commendable feedbacks on their provision of the high-quality lectures and clinical discussions. You might be interested to look at photos from this course, which are saved on this website ( )

Active participation and high enthusiasm of the local paediatric neurologists inspired the EPNS organisers to continue their support in conducting future courses in Azerbaijan, hopefully face-to-face the next time.

We are all looking forward for the next forthcoming EPNS-supported course in Baku, Azerbaijan!

Baltic Child Neurology meeting Tallin, Estonia: 12-14 May 2022: The EPNS supported 3 speakers at this event.

XLIV Reunión Anual de la Sociedad Española de Neurología Pediátrica meeting Benidorm, Spain: 26-28 May 2022  The EPNS supported 3 speakers at this event.