I am pleased to announce the 2023 award of honorary EPNS membership will be presented to five esteemed colleagues this year. The five worthy recipients are:
Coriene Catsman-Berrevoets (Netherlands)
Linda de Vries (Netherlands)
Mary King (Ireland)
Sona Nevsimalova (Czech Republic)
Maja Steinlin (Switzerland)

There will be an award ceremony during the EPNS Congress networking event in Prague. EPNS honorary members are described in our constitution as ‘persons the society wishes to honour for outstanding distinction in the field of paediatric neurology.’ Needless to say, this is not an honour which the EPNS Board bestows lightly, and the 2023 recipients of EPNS honorary membership join an illustrious list of respected colleagues who have made significant contributions to our field. Biographical and achievement details of all our EPNS honorary members are shown on the EPNS website, https://www.epns.info/honorary-members/
Sincere congratulations to all on achieving this deserved honour, and I look forward to celebrating with you later this year.
best wishes
Kevin Rostasy, EPNS President