EPNS Training Courses

Join our training courses around Europe. The EPNS has a programme of training courses offering the opportunity to learn about paediatric neurology at a level prescribed by the Syllabus of the EPNS where you will meet experts in the field to exchange knowledge and personal experience. LEARN MORE

EPNS Training Programme

The EPNS has been organising training courses in paediatric neurology since 2003 specifically aiming at trainees but also at qualified paediatric neurologists who want to refresh their knowledge on certain topics.  One initiative is the ‘3-year cycle’ of training courses.  LEARN MORE

EPNS Syllabus


EPNS Exam and Training Guide


EPNS Educational Webinars

FREE  60-90 minute hour-long webinars on topics of key interest to Child Neurologists usually on the 2nd Wednesday of each month at 17:00h CET.  LEARN MORE

EPNS Masterclasses

Takes place at Cambridge University, UK: every 2 years and addresses the dilemmas of practice in 21st Century; stimulating ‘view beyond one’s own nose’ – discussions beyond the textbooks. For senior mentoring clinicians and the (young) leaders of tomorrow LEARN MORE

EPNS Fellowships

To create excellence by offering the financially supported opportunity for further qualification or experience in an area of paediatric neurology in terms of clinical practice or research. LEARN MORE

EPNS Visiting Teachers

A volunteer professor / senior/ distinguished member of the EPNS, from Europe who is a recognised expert in a certain field, visits a nominated host centre in a country in Europe which is classified by the World Bank per capita income group 1, 2 or 3, or EPNS category WB4B for a short stay of intense teaching. Travel and stay will be supported by EPNS. It may be considered that these visits will take place annually thereafter, if the first visit proves to be a success. LEARN MORE

EPNS Child Neurology In Infancy Online Courses

Online learning course providing authoritative advice on managing neurological disorders presenting in infancy, covering topics reflecting most recent developments in the field including genetic testing, neuroimaging pattern recognition, metabolic disorders, stroke, and sleep disorders and includes concise description of the more recently described neurological disorders of infancy. The reflective activities stimulate thoughts about organization and structure in  paediatric neurology practice / country. LEARN MORE

EPNS Moodle

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EPNS supporting an educational event

3-4 events financially supported per year: There is an application form and decisions are taken on a first come first served basis.  Example: EPNS pays for travel for 1 to 3 EPNS reps to attend as speakers. Local organisers pay for hotel and catering / make the local arrangements. LEARN MORE

… and many more new activities to follow – watch this space!