The EPNS is now inviting interested parties to submit a letter of intent to bid to host the EPNS 3-year training course cycle from 2021 – 2023. Also, if the standard of bids are of a high quality, the EPNS may also appoint the host for the 2024 – 2026 training course cycle from the bids received.

The deadline for letters of intent to be received by the EPNS is midnight 30 April 2018.

Since 2003, the EPNS has been organising training courses in paediatric neurology. These are aimed at trainees and qualified paediatric neurologists who want to update their knowledge in specific fields. In 2009 the EPNS introduced a format where an individual centre would host the courses for a three-year period. We hold one meeting a year; each meeting offering two Courses. Most topics in the syllabus are covered over this three-year cycle. The courses also promote contact between individuals in the speciality from different parts of Europe and beyond. The style of teaching combines lectures, workshops, quizzes and interactive sessions. The courses have a highly interactive character and participants are encouraged to bring (difficult) cases to discuss.

Cheile Gradistei in Romania was chosen to host the annual event between 2009 and 2011 under the direction of Dana Craiu, the 2012-2014 courses were hosted by Smail Zubcevic in Sarajevo and the 2015-2017 courses were hosted by Katalin Hollody in Budapest. The 2018-2020 cycle is taking place in Alicante with Francisco Carratala leading the organisation.  The current format has been very successful with extremely positive feedback from those attending.  The settings have had an atmosphere conducive to study with the venues offering local interest and good facilities for the main lectures, break-out rooms for workshops and audio-visual aids. (for more information about the topics covered in previous training courses, visit ).

For the most up to date information about the training course arrangements, please visit where you will find information about the current Alicante training course. The training course has proven to be very popular and was fully booked within less than one week!


If you are considering submitting a letter of intent, here are some points to bear in mind:

  • The training course must take place in a European country, this is taken as the region for which the European Office of WHO is responsible
  • The training courses should take place in the spring months.
  • The training course is held once every year over the 3-year cycle.
  • The full training course takes place over 4 days with 2 separate courses: two days for course 1, and two days for course 2.
  • Courses 1 and 2 each consist of one or two main themes.
  • For each full course, a member of the EPNS Education and Training Committee will take responsibility for the selection of speakers and the scientific and educational content.
  • The official language of the full training course is English. No interpretation will be provided.
  • The local organiser/paediatric neurologist(s) will be involved in the organisation for the full period of 3 years; a local agency might be selected to run the local logistic operation and registration. Tasks involve booking accommodation, booking training rooms & facilities, catering, social events, registration of delegates, providing statistics, dealing with the financial management, providing name badges to registered delegates, sending emails to all registered delegates, being present onsite for registration, dealing with all daily matters, providing/collecting and processing of evaluation forms.
  • The EPNS will give administrative support including the accreditation application and advertising.
  • The EPNS will cover the faculty travel expenses.
  • Registration is required for all delegates and it is open only for fully paid up EPNS members.
  • The EPNS will award bursaries.  Applicants must be a member of the EPNS and have paid their current year annual subscription fee. Applicants should be a resident in paediatric neurology, neurology or paediatrics, or a young paediatric neurologist. Applicants must reside in a European country; this is taken as the region for which the European Office of WHO is responsible .Bursary applicants who wish to attend both training courses will be given priority over those who wish to attend one of the two courses. The bursary will fully cover both the training course fees, accommodation in a shared room for 3 nights in case of single course, for 5 nights in case of both courses and all meals, including breakfast as well as the social programme. If a single room is preferred, a supplement must be paid by the participant.
  • All other participants must pay a registration fee, and this will include accommodation if required. Visit for an example.
  • Travel expenses are paid by all participants.
  • Any surplus made by the course will be split 50:50 between the course organisers and the EPNS.
  • It should be in a fixed location for the full cycle of 3 years.
  • Because of the interactive character of the course, there is an upper limit of around 70 participants for each separate course.
  • All meeting rooms should have facilities for PowerPoint presentations to be given. There must be a contact person onsite available always for room and technical enquiries. Breakout rooms may be required.
  • Location must be easily accessible for colleagues from both western and eastern European countries.
  • Ease of access to the proposed site of the training course including distance from the nearest international airport, rail and road links will be a consideration.
  • We advise on choosing a location which will facilitate keeping the group together, having the aim of easy interaction between trainees themselves and trainer. It is preferable for attendees to stay at the training course venue.
  • There are usually 2 Social events and the local organisers make the arrangements. An interactive event is strongly recommended.


The Letter of Intent to bid to host the EPNS Congress 3-year training course cycle

Should include the following:

  • Name and email address of local organising committee Chair.
  • Country and city proposed.
  • Chosen venue, or choice of 2-3 venues.
  • Maximum number of participants which the venue/s can hold, and briefly the main room sizes.
  • Distance of venue/s from nearest international airport, rail and road links.
  • Briefly, why you are bidding to host the EPNS Training Courses.
  • Name of supporting National/Regional Association or Society of Paediatric Neurology .
  • If you would be willing to be considered for the 2021-2023 cycle AND the 2024 – 20276 cycle.
  • Confirmation that it is understood it is expected the training course will fit the EPNS standardised format.


    • 30 April 2018: closing date for letters of intent.
    • Early May 2018: letters of intent screened by EPNS board representatives.
    • End of May 2018: outcome communicated to applicants and selected applicants will be invited to submit a full bid.
    • 1 October 2018: closing date for full bids.
    • October 2018: full bids screened by EPNS board representatives.
    • November 2018: outcome communicated to applicants.
    • selected applicants will receive an invitation to present their bid at the Winter 2019 EPNS Board meeting – date tbc: maybe January / February 2019.

Letter of Intent Submission DEADLINE and ADDRESS

  • The letter of intent must be received no later than midnight 30 April 2018. 
  • Letters of intent will not be accepted after this deadline and/or if incomplete.
  • Without a successful letter of intent, it is not possible to move to the next stage and full submit a bid.
  • The letter of intent, along with any supporting documentation which you feel is appropriate, must be submitted by e-mail to Sue Hargreaves

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