* denotes EPNS event / **denotes EPNS endorsed event

6-9 February 2020 3rd RSSA/SASPI Paediatric Imaging Congress Sandton, South Africa https://rssasaspi2020.co.za/
10-11 February 2020 14th SPNP Neuropediatrics Congress Porto, Portugal https://www.neuropediatria.pt/index.php/pt/
24 February 2020 PET 1 Singapore https://courses.bpna.org.uk/
25-26 February 2020 PET 2 Singapore https://courses.bpna.org.uk/
28 February 2020 PET 1 Singapore https://courses.bpna.org.uk/
2-6 March 2020 2nd Bologna Epiped Course EEG Interpretation In Pediatric Epilepsies ** Bologna, Italy http://www.epiped-eeg-course.com/
10 March 2020 Effective interventions for rehabilitation following brain tumours and other brain injuries acquired in childhood London, UK https://courses.bpna.org.uk/ecomm_product_view.php?courseid=469
10-11 March 2020 EPNS Training Course: Neuromuscular diseases* Alicante, Spain https://www.epns.info/epns-training-course-2020-alicante/
12-13 March 2020 EPNS Training Course: Neonatal neurology* Alicante, Spain https://www.epns.info/epns-training-course-2020-alicante/
26-29 March 2020 14th World Congress on Controversies in Neurology (CONy) London, UK http://cony.comtecmed.com/
1-3 April 2020 3rd Advanced Residential Course in Neonatal Epileptology and Neurophysiology Catania, Italy https://www.sip.it/2020/01/10/3rd-advanced-residential-course-in-neonatal-epileptology-and-neurophysiology-catania-april-1-3-2020/
22-24 April 2020 Fetal and Neonatal Neurology Congress Paris, France https://www.mcascientificevents.eu/brain/
23-26 May 2020 6th Congress of the European Academy of Neurology Paris, France https://www.ean.org/paris2020/
29-30 May 2020 EPNS Research Meeting* Stockholm, Sweden https://www.epns.info/epns-research-meeting-2020/
17-20 June 2020 32nd European Academy of Childhood Disability Annual Meeting Poznan, Poland http://www.eacd2020.org/
22-25 June 2020 9th Meeting of the East European and Mediterranean Meeting for Cerebral Palsy and Developmental Medicine (EEMCPDM) Yerevan, Armenia http://eemcpdm2020.am/welcome/
4-8 July 2020 14th European Congress on Epileptology (ECE) Geneva, Switzerland https://www.ilae.org/congresses/14th-european-congress-on-epileptology-ece
1 September 2020 SSIEM Symposium Freiberg, Germany http://www.ssiem.org/events/events.asp?eid=2107
3-6 September 2020 European Paediatric Association (EPA/UNEPA) Europediatrics Congress** Zagreb, Croatia https://www.europaediatrics2020.org/en
10-12 September 2020 EPNS Masterclass* Cambridge, UK https://www.epns.info/epns-cambridge-master-class-2020/
10-13 September 2020 European Society of Neurofibromatosis Congress Rotterdam, Netherlands https://nf2020.nl/

Newsletter NF2020 congress meeting

25-26 September 2020 Ukrainian Academy of Childhood Disability (UACD) Kiev, Ukraine meeting of the Ukrainian Academy of Childhood Disability sept 2020
15-17 October 2020 EPNS Central Eurasia Workshop 2020 Almaty Kazakhstan https://www.epns.info/education-and-training/epns-training-courses/epns-central-eurasia-workshop-2020/
14-17 October 2020 52nd Annual  Society of Paediatric Oncology (SIOP) Congress Ottawa, Canada https://siop-congress.org/
16-20 October 2020 8th biennial European Academy of Paediatric Societies Barcelona, Spain https://eaps2020.kenes.com/
19-23 October 2020 ICNC / CNS Congress San Diego, USA https://www.childneurologysociety.org/meetings/future-cns-annual-meetings


* denotes EPNS event / **denotes EPNS endorsed event

11-15 April 2021 EPNS Training Courses Jurmala, Latvia
1-5 June 2021 14th EPNS Congress Glasgow, UK https://www.epns.info/epns-congress-2021/


* denotes EPNS event / **denotes EPNS endorsed event

to be advised EPNS Research Meeting to be advised


* denotes EPNS event / **denotes EPNS endorsed event

21-24 June 2023 15th EPNS Congress Prague, Czech Republic https://www.epns.info/epns-congresses/epns-congress-2023/