EPNS Meetings & Training Courses

EPNS Congresses

The EPNS Congresses are held every 2 years and invitations to bid to host future congresses are sent to all EPNS members at the appropriate time.

EPNS Congress 2019: 18-21 September 2019: Athens, Greece

EPNS Congress 2021: Glasgow, United Kingdom

European Research Meetings

The European Research Meeting on Paediatric Neurology is held every two years, always alternating with the EPNS Congress.The 6th EPNS Research Meeting 2018 will be taking place in Alicante, Spain on 26 – 27 October 2018.

EPNS Trainings Courses

Six courses are held within 3 years on a fixed location with two separate courses back to back in one week. The cycle of training courses 2015-2017 took place in Budapest, Hungary.

We are excited to announce that the next cycle of training courses 2018-2020 will take place in beautiful Alicante, Spain. Program Director: Professor Francisco Carratala, Spain Twitter: @FranciscoCarrat

EPNS Training Course 2018: Alicante: Tuesday 8 May – Friday 11 May 2018:

  • 8 and 9 May 2018: Acute Neurology
  • 10 and 11 May 2018: Immune mediated diseases and infections

other meetings and training courses: 2017
8-12 October 2017 Annual Meeting of the International Society for Pediatric Neurosurgery: ISPN 2017 Denver, USA http://ispnmeeting.org/2017/
12-15 October 2017 EAP Congress and MasterCourse Ljubljana, Slovenia http://2017.eapcongress.com/
12-15 October 2017 49th congress of the International Society of Paediatric Oncology Washington, USA http://siop2017.kenes.com/
2-4 November 2017 5th European Rett-Syndrome congress Berlin, Germany http://rett2017.berlin/home
9-10 November 2017 BPNA Expert to Expert: Epilepsy Bristol, United Kingdom https://www.bpna.org.uk/ecomm_product_view.php?courseid=218
17-18 November 2017 Dravet Syndrome UK Biennial Conference Liverpool, United Kingdom http://us8.campaign-archive2.com/?u=df644055d425fa999c4b668c9&id=742398ddf5&e=0505de9b4c/
30 November – 2 December 2017 XLII Congresso Nazionale SINP Matera, Italy https://www.biomedia.net/mws/SINP2017
other meetings and training courses: 2018


3-5 January 2018 BPNA Annual Conference London, United Kingdom https://www.bpna.org.uk/conference/2018/
22 February 2018 A Clinicians Guide to Neurogenetics in Children and Families Cambridge, United Kingdom A Clinicians Guide to Neurogenetics flyer
19-21 March 2018 ADHD Congress 2018 Tel Aviv, Israel http://adhdcongress.co.il/
8-11 May 2018 EPNS Training Courses Alicante, Spain http://www.epns.info/epns-training-course-2018-alicante/
20-23 May 2018 1st International Residential Course on Movement Disorders in Childhood Tagliacozzo, Italy http://www.ptsroma.it/movdis-tagliacozzo/
28-31 May 2018 30th EACD Conference Tbilisi, Georgia https://eacd2018.net/
26-28 October 2018 EPNS Research Meeting Alicante, Spain http://www.epns.info/epns-research-meeting-2018/
14-18 November 2018 15th ICNA Congress – ICNC2018 Mumbai, India http://icnapedia.org/
other meetings and training courses: 2019
18-21 September 2019 13th EPNS Congress Athens, Greece http://www.epns.info/congress-2019/