Neonatal Neurology & Developmental Neurology:  The scientific programme and discussion will cover newest research data on models of perinatal brain injury such as hypoxia and ischemia, and excitotoxic injury, as well as their effects and their contribution to clarify the pathophysiology of acquired neonatal brain injury. We will also include groups interested in brain development, including fetal neurologists and specialists of cortical malformations from basic scientist, neuro(foeto)pathologists, fetal radiologist to paediatric neurologist.

You are welcome to bring your own ideas, to inform about your own model, to get help in choosing an appropriate model for your own research questions. We would like to develop collaborative work within this group, from basic scientists to clinics. Information on neuroprotective strategies will be shared and possible joint research on fetal and perinatal brain injury will be discussed. We are looking forward to the presentation of your own ongoing research in this area. We will give you 10-15 min slots for presentation and discussion! Please submit your contribution with a title and a short summary on the topic. If you do not plan to present your work, we would like to encourage you to attend our working group to participate in lively discussions of ongoing projects.

Nadia Bahi-Buisson France) EMAIL

Regina Trollmann (Germany) EMAIL