an innovative answer to the clinical challenges in child neurology!

At the EPNS Congress in Lyon in June 2017, the EPNS was thrilled to launch our latest exciting EPNS project.

With the basic idea of Mind Maps, the classic textbook has been further developed to provide faster and more targeted information – in English, designed for daily professional practice, bundling the broad clinical spectrum. A uniform classification allows quick orientation, providing a condensed knowledge overview and a guide to diagnostic work-up and therapeutic decision-making. Complemented by a comprehensive, precise, internationally orientated drug register, and schemes for neurological and developmental neurological examination with evidence of good practice.

Neurokids App and Workbook are identical in content, and complement each other in their formats. The App of course will continue to evolve and should be seen as a ‘work in progress‘. The App in particular is ideal for daily work and can be used on iOS 10 NOW and Android (via Google Play) devises . We are looking for our members to use the feedback function extensively.

The Neurokids Workbook and App are now available as a package to all fully paid up members of the EPNS at the substantially discounted price of 20 Euros plus 6 Euros postage and packaging, i.e. a total cost of 26 Euros.

How do I pay? The easiest way to pay is in the same manner that you pay your annual EPNS subscription fee via the EPNS website:

  • Visit the EPNS website
  • Click on the orange ‘I’m a member’ button on the right-hand side of the screen
  • Once successfully logged into the member section of the EPNS website:
  • Select ‘Subscriptions’ (right hand side of screen)
  • Select ‘Make new payment’ (underneath the list of payments already made in previous years)
  • Choose ‘Neurokids Workbook and App 26 Euros’
  • Select ‘add to cart’
  • Select ‘checkout via Credit Card’
  • Follow the payment instructions

Any questions email

What happens after I have paid?

  • You will receive an email from the EPNS membership secretary to confirm your postal address.
  • Arrangements will be made to post the printed Workbook to you.
  • An access code will be ordered for your access to the App
  • Once this has been activated by the Publishers, you will receive an email from the EPNS membership secretary with details
  • The App can then be downloaded from the app store or google play store
  • Access to the App will be valid until 1 August 2019

 This initiative will become a core instrument in the educational programme of the EPNS. The coordinating editor, Professor Florian Heinen, has to be congratulated for pursuing this idea and taking this major step forward.  We are looking forward to involving all our members in further developing this App based on everyday use of the App and on immediate feedback of our members.