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Tuesday 10 March and Wednesday 11 March 2020: Neuromuscular diseases: moderator Professor Thomas Sejersen

Thursday 12 March and Friday 13 March 2020: Neonatal neurology: moderator Professor Leena Haataja


The EPNS has been organising training courses in paediatric neurology since 2003 specifically aiming at trainees but also at qualified paediatric neurologists who want to refresh their knowledge on certain topics. The aim is to cover most main topics in the syllabus over a three-year cycle and to promote contact between individuals in the speciality in different parts of Europe. The course has a highly interactive character and participants are encouraged to bring (difficult) cases to discuss. The number of participants is limited and applicants who wish to attend both courses will be given priority over those who wish to attend one of the two courses. The current cycle of training courses 2018-2020 is taking place in sunny Alicante, Spain.

The third and final phase of EPNS training courses will take place in Alicante: 10-13 March 2020